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Over the past twenty plus years we, at FIRST PLACE SEARCH GROUP, have been fortunate enough to establish many long term client relationships.  We offer an array of search options, and an unsurpassed level of value added services.  We offer Retained Search, Contingengy and Contract  staffing solutions.   In addition, we also offer our "Favored Client" status featuring an annual rate, payable monthly and based upon on experience with your company and giving you unlimited access to all of our resources.

We are dedicated to the consumer products and food industry.  All candidates recommended to you will have specific product experience unless otherwise specified by you.  We will not send you a large quantity of resumes to dig through.  We will only provide you with the top 4 to 5 candidates that we find available.  These candidates will meet your specifications and will have verifiable references.

We will assist you in every way possible during the hiring process.  We will set up telephone and face-to-face interviews, organize schedules, and negotiate compensation packages.  We see ourselves as a member of your staff and will do everything possible to assist in the successful hiring of qualified candidates for your firm.

Information First Place Search Group will need to begin a search

We need as many details about the position you are trying to fill, as possible.  For example, we would like a copy of the job description; including key skills that you feel are necessary for someone to succeed in this particular position.

Keeping Up With Industry Trends and Legislative Issues

In today's ever changing world, issues that affect you, as an employer, are being  decided upon every day.  With our National and State  affiliations we are able to keep up with Legislative issues that are being decided upon with every new session, many of which could affect your business and ours.  We do our best to be an accurate resource for our clients on a broad range of issues such as hiring practices, compensation packages, salary surveys, etc.

Fees for Our Services

Our fees are always paid by our client companies and are competitive and fair for our services. They are based on a percentage of the candidates annual  compensation.   Please call for a fee schedule and terms. 

We will be happy to provide industry references at your request..  We thank you for your interest. and look forward to becoming a valuable part of your resource team.

Alice D. Pollock, cpc

We like to know the "history" of the position; Is this a new position?  Are you replacing someone, if so, why?  How long has the position been open?

  • Your ideal candidate's qualifications. 
  • Degrees and or certifications that are necessary to perform the job. 
  • What ability or skill would make a candidate stand out above all the rest? 
  • We would like a summary of benefits. 
  • We need a salary range that is accurate.  
  • We like to get a feel of the company "culture".,,  are you business casual, is it a corporate type environment, etc.   
  • Lastly, we need to know the basic company policies; dress code, hours, parking, etc.
  • We can never have "too much" information regarding a client company!

http://www.linkedin.com/in/alicepollockcpc  ||  Springfield, MO  ||  Phone: 417/742-4420